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Sermons- April 25

Examine Yourselves, Whether Ye Be In The Faith
Brother Asa Moseley; Ephesians 1.
Message Audio [15 mins]

Elder Steven Bloyd; Zechariah 8.
Message Audio [37 mins]

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  1. Jen

    I could not find a way to leave a comment other then this way. I have known Elder Bloyd since I was a little girl. I use to come to Mt.Carmel with my great grandmother Ethel Workman. I am not sure if anyone remembers her. She passed away in 2000. I have wanted to come back to Mt.Carmel but I seem to not have the strength to do so because she is not with me to go. I have been to other church’s but none of them were the same as Mt. Carmel since that is where I use to go every Sunday with her. If I were to come I will most likely sit in the back. I know that if I started to go to Mt.Carmel nan would be so proud of me. Thanks, Jen

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