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Posts tagged as “The Gospel of John”

Sermoncast – Interest In Christ; Turned From Sorrow

Elder Steve Aquino teaches from John 3 about A Man Taking Interest In Christ.

Elder Steven Bloyd [11:55] continues teaching about Esther; Esther 4.

Messages delivered Sunday, March 26, 2017 at Mt Carmel Primitive Baptist Church, Bel Air, Maryland.

Sermoncast – Second Chance, Four Questions, Our God Is Able

Elder Steve Aquino opens the service in prayer and follows with a message from John 11, “The Second Chance”

[8:00] Elder Asa Moseley followed with a message from Romans 8, “Four Questions Asked”

[20:50] Elder Steven Bloyd closed the service with a message from Daniel 3, “Our God IS Able”