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Sermon- April 11

Haste Thee On From Grace To Glory Brother Asa Moseley; Isaiah 53, Romans 5-8. Message Audio [43 mins] Share

Sermons- March 21

A Difficult Commandment Brother Asa Moseley; Matthew 5. Message Audio [21 mins] How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours When Jesus No Longer I See Elder Steven Bloyd. Message Audio [26 mins] Share

Sermon- March 14

Growing In Grace Elder Justin Huffman; 2 Peter 3. Message Audio [46 mins] You may also enjoy a related message from Elder Huffman, Beware of Prayerlessness, from the Baptist Bible Hour site at Message Audio Elder Huffman is Associate Pastor at Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church, Cincinnati, OH, and a past member at Mt Carmel […]

Sermon- March 7

Waiting Elder Steven Bloyd; Isaiah 40. Audio of prayer service offered for Brother Ray Evers precedes the message. Message Audio [62 mins] Share